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Crystal Love Collective

Titanium Semi Polished Quartz Point

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Titanium Quartz


One can use Titanium Quartz to open and energize any chakra.

Titanium Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Titanium Quartz Properties

Titanium elevates our mental activity, fortitude, and strength while quartz enhances each quality. You’ll feel grounded, centered, and energized if you hold and meditate with Titanium Quartz. It can give us energy and encourage focus.

Physical healing

Promotes emotional and physical strength and healing. 


Semi Polished points can be used for chakra cleansing, reiki, crystal grids, meditation, or home decor

Where is Titanium Quartz found? 

Titanium Quartz is a quartz crystal coated in Titanium, normally out of Brazil.


Titanium Quartz supports all of the Chakra.