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Sodalite Smooth Large

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Sodalite is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Sodalite Spiritual Meaning and Sodalite Properties

Sodalite brings wellbeing and connects you to the heart. It opens the mind to logical thinking and problem-solving. It’s so amazing at inviting you to see the beauty in life that it's called The Poet’s Stone. Sodalite is incredible for writers. Sodalite brings space and helps us verbalize our feelings.

Physical healing

Sodalite helps many issues with the voice and throat.


A flat stone can be easily slipped into your pocket, purse, or bra. They’re smooth and can be used as a do not worry stone.

Where is Sodalite found? 

Sodalite is found in South America, Portugal, Russia


Sodalite is associated with the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.