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Shaman Quartz Tower

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Shaman Quartz 


Shaman Quartz activates the Third Eye Chakra.

Shaman Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Shaman Quartz Properties

Shaman Quartz (also known as Lodalite) delivers you a view into another world and a cosmic shift in consciousness. It will offer clarity to questions and help with the answers to life's problems. It harmonizes with high vibration. Use it while meditating to have some clues to physical ailments. It can enhance visions and induce trances.

Physical healing

Many of the benefits of Shaman Quartz are in the consciousness. 


572 grams


Tower shapes are fantastic for directing energy upward and out. They’re perfect for the center of a crystal grid to focus your energy and intention.

Where is Shaman Quartz found? 

Shaman Quartz is found in Brazil.


Shaman Quartz is associated with Aries, Aquarius, and Libra Zodiac signs.