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Que Sera Smooth Flat

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Que Sera 


Que Sera is associated with the Base Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, and Sacral Chakra.

Que Sera Spiritual Meaning and Que Sera Properties

Que Sera is associated with setting up boundaries. Learn how to say no! Que Sera will help you find creative solutions to issues. Que Sera can protect us from EMFs. Que Sera can support intuitive practices. Que Sera can aid in exploring high realms.

Physical healing

Que Sera can boost the immune system. 


A flat stone can be easily slipped into your pocket, purse, or bra. They’re smooth and can be used as a do not worry stone. 

Where is Que Sera found? 

Que Sera is from Brazil.


Que Sera is associated with the Taurus Zodiac.