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Crystal Love Collective

Mushroom Wire-Wrapped Gold-Plated Necklace

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Moss Agate


Moss Agate is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Moss Agate Spiritual Meaning and Moss Agate Properties

Moss Agate delivers tranquility and emotional balance. The calmness of the stone actually brings us closer to nature. Moss Agate is great for those who are angry or overly nurturing. It helps us disconnect from a busy society. Moss Agate is also connected to making friends.


Moss Agate is associated the Gemini Zodiac sign.



Blue Fluorite is great for the Throat Chakra, Purple for the Third Eye Chakra, and Green is for the Heart Chakra.

Fluorite Spiritual Meaning and Fluorite Properties

Fluorite quickly and easily gets rid of negative energy. With Fluorite, you’ll feel everything but you won’t suffer from weird emotions. It will give you perspective and focus. Cleanse your aura with Fluorite. 


Fluorite is associated with the Aries and Pisces Zodiac signs.



Pyrite is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Pyrite Spiritual Meaning and Pyrite Properties

Pyrite protects in many ways. It will protect you from any psychic attacks, negative vibes, EMFS and emotional vampires. With Pyrite, you’ll see right to the truth and free yourself of the toxic things that hold you down. Pyrite is a nourishing stone.


Pyrite is associated with the Leo Zodiac.