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Mana Cards The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom

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Mana Cards

Hawaiian Mana Cards represent a new and innovative way to learn and apply Hawaiian philosophy, symbolism and culture. Through authenticated Hawaiian text and symbolic art, these cards empower the user via the ancient Hawaiian culture.

Mana cards take the reader through Hawaiian symbols, images, and wisdom to a place where anyone, anywhere on any path may find rejuvination and new perspective. Mana cards inter-weave Hawaiian images with interpretations designed to expand consciousness and can be used by individuals, couples and groups to improve communication and foster healthy ways of being and relating. Inspired by the author's and illustrator's deep reverence and respect for Hawaii. Mana cards honor the culture and spirit of aloha that gently comes from Hawaii Nei to cast its net of love like a lei around the world.

Author: Catherine Becker, Ph.D.
Artist: Doya Nardin

Box set of 44 cards and a 194-page book.