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Crystal Love Collective

Lithium Quartz Pendant

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Lithium Quartz 


Lithium Quartz is associated with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras.

Lithium Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Lithium Quartz Properties

Lithium Quartz is a gentle healer. It will bring stress relief, emotional peace, and relaxation. Lithium Quartz balances the brain and emotions. It can heal anger and grief. Lithium Quartz can also heal pain leftover from a past life. Lithium can help us sleep and help with addiction withdrawal. Lithium Quartz is used as an antidepressant. 

Physical healing

Lithium Quartz can help with depression.


 This pendant can stay close to your heart, reminding you of your goals.

Where is Lithium Quartz found? 

Lithium Quartz is found in Brazil.


Lithium Quartz is associated with the Aquarius Zodiac sign.