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Lepidolite Included Quartz

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Clear Quartz & Lepidolite


Clear Quartz is associated with the Soul Star Chakra. Lepidolite is associated with the Crown Chakra. 

Clear Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Lepidolite Properties

Clear Quartz has a high vibration and is a very powerful crystal. Clear Quartz can clear your mind and help you reach your fullest potential for your highest self. Clear Quartz is great for setting goals and amplifying other crystals.

Lepidolite has strong nurturing and calming properties. Lepidolite aids in alleviating nervous conditions and feelings of stress by emitting very peaceful vibrations into its atmosphere. This speckled purple stone, also known as purple mica, helps overcome addiction of all variations by calming the energy centers associated with the dependency. You can deal with anything that comes your way as Lepidolite brings your nervous system into harmony.

Physical healing

Clear crystals help with balance as well as concentration and memory. Lepidolite will give your immune system a strong boost. It works to reduce anxiety and stress. You can deal with anything that comes your way as it brings your nervous system into harmony.


A rough specimen is a reminder of the natural beauty the earth provides.

Where is Clear Quartz Found?  

Clear Quartz is found in Arkansas to Brazil and Madagascar. Lepidolite is found in Brazil.


Clear Quartz has properties in many areas of the Zodiac. Lepidolite is associated with the Libra Chakra.