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Gemstone Tree

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These gemstone trees have a beautiful Amethyst base and are sure to add gorgeous color to any space in your home!

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra. 

Rose Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Rose Quartz Properties

Rose Quartz is known as the universal love stone! It’s full of healing properties and it’s so tender that you’ll always want it near you. Its deep vibration emits and spreads Goddess Energy to everyone in its aura. Rose Quartz will take you on a wonderful self-soothing past, should you ever need that comfort. Find an abundance of compassion and peace with this beautiful crystal.

Many people throughout history have used Rose Quartz when they need more love in their life. It helps love come and go. Rose Quartz can support and open your Heart Chakra. Use it in any self-care ritual you do!  


Rose Quartz is associated with the Taurus Zodiac.



Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning and Amethyst Properties

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for beginners and the favored stone of many. It can sweep negativity away from clouding your thoughts, and give you perspective on your inspiration. Amethyst is a potent protective tone.  It’s a stone for creativity, and focus. Amethyst cuts right through chaos to help you.

Amethyst helps with sleep and gives you a sense of nourishment during mediation. It will bring transformation and aid in finding your divine path. Decisions are no problem with Amethyst by your side. Amethyst also clears the mind and helps you collect your thoughts through anger or any issues.


Amethyst is associated with the Pisces Zodiac.



Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Citrine Spiritual Meaning and Citrine Properties

Citrine is so incredible at bringing wealth that it's referred to as the Merchants’ Stone. It will keep you abundant after helping you build it! It helps with manifesting prosperity and success. Citrine is great for commercial success. If you have a business and you’re trying to sell items, Citrine is your guide. Also helpful for anyone working at a bank, in athletics, or wonderful for medical personnel. Citrine invites peace into your life and relationships. If you have issues with your family, Citrine can help you understand and work with the people around you.


Citrine is associated with the Cancer Zodiac.