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Crystal Love Collective

Full Moon Carving

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Rhodonite is associated with the Heart Chakra and Root Chakra.

Rhodonite Spiritual Meaning and Rhodonite Properties

Rhodonite helps reduce anxiety and is a very strong stone. You can find strength where you are usually weakest with Rhodonite. Rhodonite can help people who deal with anxiety, confidence issues, and depression. Rhodonite brings clarity that can light up and bring you your dreams. 


Rhodonite is associated with the Taurus Zodiac sign.

Rainbow Fluorite


Rainbow Flourite is associated with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Rainbow Fluorite Spiritual Meaning and Rainbow Fluorite Properties

Rainbow Fluorite brings us peace by keeping us on track. If you need clarity in your role with social groups, relationships, or a project, Rainbow Fluorite helps. Rainbow Fluorite is a guide for your highest path. Rainbow Fluorite helps with mental clarity.


Rainbow Fluorite is associated with the Capricorn and Pisces Zodiac.


The moon shape gives an ode to the lunar cycle and the experiences provided by the moon.