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Druzy Aura Agate Moon

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Aura Druzy


Aura Druzies activate all Chakras.

Druzy Spiritual Meaning and Aura Properties

Druzy crystals enhance creativity and self-love. They also can reduce stress and other emotional problems. Feel more optimistic and grounded with a druzy. 

Aura is created by chemically bonding metals onto the surface of a crystal, amplifying its properties.

Physical healing

Druzies are great for joint problems and can even help improve posture. They are also said to be helpful towards fighting infection.


The moon shape gives an ode to the lunar cycle and the experiences provided by the moon. 

Where are Druzies found?

Druzies are most often found on rocks near shorelines in Brazil, Thailand, China and India.


Druzies are associated with all signs of the Zodiac.