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Crystal Love Collective

Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls

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These crystal singing bowls will take your meditation practice to the next level. Feel the calming vibrations flow through you and amplify your intentions with these beautiful singing bowls.

Each bowl clears blockages associated with the following chakras:

Root Chakra (Note C)

Located at the base of the spine (emotional stability, health, security)

Sacral Chakra (Note D)

Below the belly button (sexuality, relationships, creativity)

Solar Plexus Chakra (Note E)

In the stomach (self-confidence, motivation, personal responsibility)

Heart Chakra (Note F)

In the chest near the heart (love, compassion, empathy)

Throat Chakra (Note G)

In the throat (communication, expression, speaking your truth)

Third Eye Chakra (Note A)

Between your eyes (psychic abilities, memory, intuitiveness)

Crown Chakra (Note B) 

Top of head (spiritual connection, life purpose, higher self)

*Mallet & rubber O-ring (to hold the bowl in place) included!

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