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Crystal Love Collective

Black Onyx Hexagon Pendant

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Black Onyx


Black Onyx is associated with the Root Chakra.

Black Onyx Spiritual Meaning and Black Onyx Properties

Black Onyx is a healing stone in that it will bring you grounding energy to your soul and physical body. Black Onyx soothes, relaxes heated emotions, and keeps you from being nervous. With Black Onyx you can think creatively while being task-oriented. Black Onyx keeps us healthy and ourselves while going through the process of grieving. 

Physical healing

Black Onyx is great for the nervous system. 


These necklaces are perfect for manifesting the properties of Black Onyx, and can stay close to your heart, reminding you of your goals.

Where is Black Onyx found? 

Black Onyx is found in Brazil, Madagascar and India.


Black Onyx is associated with the Leo Zodiac sign.