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Crystal Love Collective

Gold Sheen Obsidian Bead Bracelet 19cm

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Goldsheen Obsidian Bracelet 


Goldsheen Obsidian is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Goldsheen Obsidian Spiritual Meaning and Goldsheen Obsidian Properties

Goldsheen Obsidian is excellent at getting to the root of any problem, and can even be used to locate disturbance in the planet's energy systems. It's a wonderful tool for viewing the future or remembering the past. It shows us what we need for healing, or shows us how to get there.

Physical healing

Goldsheen Obsidian heals pain and can bring balance to the body.


With a bracelet, you can keep your intention close. You’ll see the subtle reminder many times a day!

Where is Goldsheen Obsidian Found? 

Goldsheen Obsidian is mined in Mexico and the United States.


Goldsheen Obsidian is associated with the Saggitarius Zodiac sign.