Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

When receiving crystals new to you, it can be connective and even powerful to energetically clear them. This allows you time to cleanse the crystal of any energies that are not in its purest vibration and allows your crystal to then be used to its full potential.

Ways to Cleanse

These crystals can be energetically cleansed in many ways, a few we suggest is to sun or moon bathe these crystals (allowing them to be out in the open energies of the cosmos), using running water to wash over your crystal, visualizing white light emanating from you into your crystal, using sound vibrations of a tuning fork, singing bowl, or even your own voice, and lastly burning herbs such as sage or Palo Santo (allowing the rising smoke to dissipate any heavy energies).

  • Heather Poage | Marketing Director

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    Alli is the Inventory Manager at Crystal Love Collective. As a student of life, Earth child and Gemini sun, Alli’s innate curiosity has opened many doors to continue learning, growing and exploring her way through life. Movement through yoga and ecstatic dance ignite her soul’s fire, while the healing energy of stones have served as a grounding anchor since the beginning of her spiritual journey. Alli completed her 200-hour yoga training in July 2021 and recently received her certification in Angel Reiki to continue to further connect both herself and others back to their true nature, further raising the collective vibration of Mother Gaia.