About Us

Welcome to Crystal Love Collective! We are a collective of 3 stores in Colorado and Hawaii. All with the same mission, vision, and deep love and appreciation for Mother Gaia. 

We were called to creating an online store so that we could spread crystalline energy beyond our brick and mortar stores.

Our crystals are only sourced from the best mines in the world, with many of them originating in Brazil. Reach higher vibrations and Connect to Source using our high-quality metaphysical tools and crystals!

Let our crystals guide you back into alignment, encourage you, and remind you that you are a limitless, amazing, and abundant being.

Thank you for becoming part of our Crystal Love Collective! We presently operate Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. MST and appreciate your patience while we do our best to respond to you within one business day. We have a small but amazing team and our company promotes a healthy work/life balance that honors our nights and weekends so we can ground and re-center. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting our high-vibe crystals into your hands.

  • Heather Poage | Marketing Director

    Heather is the Marketing Director at Crystal Love Collective. Heather spends her weekends creating astrology journals, tending to her jungle of plants, and playing with her dog, Orion. Heather started her own small business in May 2021 where she explores the beauty of nature integrated into household items through various artistic mediums. When she isn't creating and designing content, you can find her journaling, thrifting for the best vintage items, adding to her collection of crystals, or connecting with Mother Gaia through movement and meditation!

  • Alli Westbrook | Inventory Manager

    Alli is the Inventory Manager at Crystal Love Collective. As a student of life, Earth child and Gemini sun, Alli’s innate curiosity has opened many doors to continue learning, growing and exploring her way through life. Movement through yoga and ecstatic dance ignite her soul’s fire, while the healing energy of stones have served as a grounding anchor since the beginning of her spiritual journey. Alli completed her 200-hour yoga training in July 2021 and recently received her certification in Angel Reiki to continue to further connect both herself and others back to their true nature, further raising the collective vibration of Mother Gaia.