The Best Beginner Crystals and Their Meanings

The Best Beginner Crystals and Their Meanings

Our experts have researched and curated the best stones for beginners along with their meaning and properties. Read on to see which stones made our list of the top beginner crystals!
It can be intense and overwhelming when first learning about crystals and their healing properties, so it's best to start out with the basics. Crystals are a great way to introspect, protect from negative energies, and attract positive energy. So which ones should you start out with? While all crystals are incredibly powerful and helpful, our picks of the top 8 beginner crystals are sure to ease you into the magical world of crystals.
Are you looking to soothe anxiety? Attract joy? Balance your emotions?
These beginner crystals will be sure to show you the power of Mother Gaia and all the beauty she can create. Keep reading to find out what our favorite beginner stones are!


Calming | Intuition | Peace
amethyst, amethyst crystal, calming crystals, best beginner crystals
Of course, we had to put Amethyst on this list! This powerful calming stone is wonderful for individuals who suffer from anxiety or mood swings. This purple hue crystal radiates tranquilizing energy that dispels anger, fear, and worry. As Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra, this stone is particularly good with balancing energies and clearing auras so you are able to further deepen your spirituality.
We recommend:
  • Sleeping with Amethyst under your pillow
  • Carrying Amethyst in your pocket on particularly stressful days

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Clear Quartz

Master Healer | Amplifier | Spirituality
clear quartz, clear crystal, beginner crystals
Clear Quartz is perfect for beginners because of its ability to amplify the energy of crystals around it. This crystal is also referred to as a 'Master Healer' because it supports deep healing on all levels. Clear Quartz is a great stone to start with because of its ability to heighten spiritual awareness and connect us to our best selves. Use this stone to heal negativity and amplify your intentions.
We recommend:
  • Placing Clear Quartz on a crystal grid to amplify the healing powers of other crystal
  • Meditating with Clear Quartz to heighten your spiritual awareness

Rose Quartz

Love | Heart-opener | Compassion
rose quartz, love crystals, best beginner crystals
If we're being honest, everyone could use more Rose Quartz in their life! This stone is AMAZING for bringing in all kinds of love-- self-love, relationships, and emotional balance. This crystal helps us open our hearts to create genuine connections and relationships, as well as heighten our compassion for others. If you're needing to invite more love into your life in all aspects, Rose Quartz is calling you!
We recommend:
  • Keep Rose Quartz in your pocket to keep your heart open and compassionate throughout the day
  • Give Rose Quartz as a gift to all your loved ones to heighten the vibrations of love around you and them


Cleansing | Powerful | Calming
selenite, cleansing crystals, best beginner crystals

Selenite is an amazing crystal that never needs energetic cleansing, in fact, it has such high vibrational and clear energy it can clear other crystals bad juju. Simply placing your other stones near or on a selenite piece will transmute low vibrations into higher ones and allow the purest intentions for each crystal to be met. It has healing properties that clear away unwanted negative energy from the auric field and within the chakras.

Selenite is potent, yet fragile in both tumbled and raw varieties and should be handled with care. The white light emanated by Selenite can be drawn up into the body through your hands or down through the crown and into each of the energy bodies or chakras within your auric field to clear or calm each one. A wonderful tool for awareness of self and your surroundings, selenite may cut through illusions and bring consciousness to one's life.

We recommend:
  • Placing your other crystals near or on Selenite to recharge and cleanse them of any stagnant or negative energy
  • Use Selenite during meditation to clear all blockages and lift any heavy energies


Black Tourmaline

Grounding | Healing | Supportive
black tourmaline, grounding crystals, beginner crystals

Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding as it brings you gently into your body and your own needs, like a really good hug. It expels anxiety and encourages your shadow self to integrate into your whole being so you can be aware of the subconscious thoughts dictating your actions. This stone has connections with the root chakra, connecting you to the healing, supportive energies of the earth.

This stone will show the root cause of discomforts around situations that evoke jealousy, comparisons, or feelings of lack and allow space that those can be worked through and understood. Banishing negativity, tourmaline is also great for releasing old patterns and helps in productivity.

We recommend:
  • Placing Black Tourmaline near your front door to ground yourself and dispel negativity the second you walk in your home
  • Carrying Black Tourmaline near your body during particularly stressful or anxious days


These crystals are must-haves if you're just starting out or want to update your collection. Each of these make great gifts for your loved ones, or even yourself! 

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Love & Light,

Crystal Love Collective