Lava Rocks activate the Root Chakra.

Lava Rock Spiritual Meaning and Lava Rock Properties

Lava Rocks (also known as Basalt) represent the raw life-force energy of Mother Earth. Just as lava scorches everything in its path to create a new one, Lava Rocks will help you find a fresh start, too. Lava Rocks help ground you so you can cultivate a strong foundation for yourself. You may also find more motivation and confidence with these stones, too. Find your breakthrough and transform your life with Lava Rocks.

Physical healing

Lava Rocks can help alleviate allergies, muscle tension and anxiety. 


Lava Rocks are porous, making them perfect to infuse with essential oils!

Where are Lava Rocks found? 

Lava Rocks are formed when volcanic magma hardens into a solid. Lava Rocks can be found all over the world.


Lava Rocks are associated with the Taurus and Scorpio Zodiac Signs.

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