Flower Agate

Flower Agate


Flower Agate activates the Heart Chakra.

Flower Agate Spiritual Meaning and Flower Agate Properties

If you need a hug from the Divine Feminine Energy that nurtures us all, Flower Agate will support you. You can reach the fullest potential on your journey with Flower Agate. Flower Agate supports inner peace, empathy, and those wonderful flashes of inspiration. Flower Agate will give you the strength and will to move on when the world has been on your shoulders. It clears away negative and stagnant energy. 

Physical healing

Flower Agate can help with issues of insomnia and sleeping. 

Where is Flower Agate found? 

Flower Agate is found in Indonesia.


Flower Agate is associated with the Taurus, Scorpio and Gemini Zodiac signs.

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